Here is a place for the troubled eater – the neglected party when it comes to most food, fitness and health websites. The aim of NOT PLANT BASED is to create and source honest, non-patronising advice, reviews and stories to aid those who are prone to unhealthy eating and/or fitness habits which have a negative effect on their health and how they view themselves.

NOT PLANT BASED was founded by Laura Dennison and is co-authored by Eve Simmons, both of whom have suffered with eating disorders. We are telling our stories to help others who have also suffered, or are continuing to, with troubled eating. We’re re-discovering happiness and contentment through exercise and by eating the food that we love (namely pasta, meat, potatoes, melted cheese and Kit Kats) and hope that you will too.

We are not trying to belittle those who have found their “wellness” through plant-based diets or any other diet, but these restrictive methods just didn’t work for us and they probably aren’t working for a lot of you too (otherwise you wouldn’t be here). Any sort of deprivation for someone with a history of battling eating disorders and a lack of self-confidence can prove extremely triggering and dangerous, especially when advised by someone without a medical background. We’ve grown tired of reading consistently unrelatable, factually incorrect and frankly boring blogs.

We are not prepared to dictate what you should and shouldn’t be eating or how you should and shouldn’t be exercising, because quite seriously we just are not qualified to. For that sort of advice we have collaborated with the leading experts in the fields of diet, fitness and health. Each piece that we have worked on with someone else will be attributed as so. We are not healthcare professionals, we are not a charity, we are simply people who have been through the same old shit that you have.

Now lets raise a glass of lemon-less tap water to the self-deprecators. May NOT PLANT BASED act as a gateway for you to begin to stop fearing food and for you to start honouring your mental and physical health through our unfiltered confessions, honest reviews, inspiring interviews and the trusted knowledge from the professionals.