Leomie Anderson

Having read more articles than I could stomach regarding how to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model, and more importantly how to look like one – especially during my wilted years with an eating disorder – I must say I was slightly taken a back when model of the moment Leomie Anderson told me her last supper would be steak.

“Steak with a lobster tail on top with creamy mash and garlic butter haha, I’d be going out in style!”, she says.

But Leomie isn’t your typical model, and the most ‘super’ part about her is her vehement passion for sticking up for women. She set up LAPP the brand last year and already has managed to provide a safe, flourishing space for women to talk about issues that concern them, with the likes of Rihanna supporting all the London girl does (yeah, Rihanna, casual).

“LAPP is all about creating a safe space on the internet for women free from the gossip and negativity that we see everyday on other media outlets”, she explains. “I wanted it to be a place where women of any age can seek advice or inspiration from other women all over the world.”

Understanding more about Leomie’s own background and her struggles brings into clarity why the model, who has the world at her feet, is taking the time and effort to peddle for serious change concerning sexual inequality and political issues. “People used to mock how slim I was, call me anorexic, say my body was disgusting but I learned quickly that they were just projecting their own insecurities on to me. I wanted girls to know that you can turn any negative into a positive. Being bullied gave me a tough skin and allowed me to be able to take criticisms on he chin; it made me a stronger person.”

Leomie Anderson

It’s common knowledge that the fashion industry can be tough, but Leomie seems to have found a formula for staying grounded in a notoriously fickle world and perhaps that is down to her routes. Growing up in South London, Leomie remembers shaping her love of food in some of the best Jamaican eateries in the city. “My favourite spot right now is ultimate jerk which is a 24 hour Jamaican restaurant.”

Another huge part of being a VS model, judging from Instagram, is working out and working out hard, but Leomie seems to have a very measured approach to exercise. “I enjoy working out because it makes you stronger, I always feel regressed after working out. I kept my routine pretty similar to what I do the rest of the year, I don’t like over doing anything.”

“I don’t like over doing anything” – the words straight from the lips of one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret models of today. Let that wash over you, allow that to seem into your pores. Drink that in.

Leomie Anderson

I ask Leomie what makes her so confident in her own body, especially given the bullying she endured as a young girl, and she says, “I learned to love myself and be proud of what I had. I realised that other people with the body that I wanted may not be 100% happy either; there is no perfect figure! I just had to find it perfect within myself.”

As for any advice for other girls, just like Leomie, who are made fun of for their size, shape, height, big or small? “Remember that anyone who takes time to make fun of your body or size is probably insecure and unhappy within themselves and are just projecting their feelings onto you.”

Yes girl.

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